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About Presta
About Presta

Presta provides a totally new way for customers to buy products who are no longer satisfied with more traditional options in the electronics world. Some might call it a financial revolution, but at Presta, we feel it’s more of an evolution: This is retailing the way it should be for hardworking Americans. And it’s long overdue!

If you're ready for an affordable, risk-free way to get laptops, tablet computers, game consoles and more, then join us in saying no - no to long-term contracts with high interests rates, no to long-wait options like store layaway (by the time you pay it off, there's already a new model on the streets!) and no to high payments and debt.

Presta is flexible. We understand that life throws unexpected curveballs, so we offer you the opportunity to own products outright after making fixed payments for a year, or return them any time after three months with no penalty at all. 

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Any advertised transaction is a rental-purchase agreement (or in NV, a lease agreement with an option to purchase; in IA, SC, ND and NE, a consumer rental-purchase agreement; in CT and NH, a rent-to-own agreement; in AK, DC, DE, ID, KS, OR, SD, VA and WA, a lease-purchase agreement; in MA and RI, a lease).

* Based on 52 weekly payments, rounded to the nearest dollar, and the Cash Price of the selected merchandise. Number of payments varies based on your pay schedule and rental purchase agreement. Ownership is optional and you may purchase or return the merchandise at any time after the initial payment has been paid and the minimum lease period has been met. See your rental purchase agreement for more information regarding ownership and minimum term.

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Products offered through Presta™ may vary and be sold and shipped by third party vendors. Apple, the Apple logo, iPad, and iPod are the property of Apple, Inc. Other designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.

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